The Barries

The Barriers

For any person who has ever competed in or witnessed the sport of cyclocross they will all have their own opinion of the barriers that are found in most cyclocross races across the globe.


There's always 2 barriers in a cyclocross race which come in varied heights of between 20 to 40 cm and are separated normally by 4 to 6 meters.

To Jump or not to Jump

The fastest way over the barriers most of the time is to jump over them on the bike allowing you to stay on the bike and hopefully gain some time on the riders that can't.

This though comes with it's own dangers and a lot of heckling if you don't make it....

or not


Disembarking the bike  and running the barriers is the most common and popular way to approach this obstacle in the safest manner and with the right technique can be one of the most stylish move in cyclocross.



Whether you jump or run the barriers it doesn't really matter as they are just another thing that makes the sport of cyclocross great fun for the riders and the spectators.

Photos taken at CX Ballarat in August at rounds 7 & 8 of the Australian Cyclocross series.

Or not..... photo taken by Lee Alexander




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