About Us

Zeffz is a Melbourne based Cycling and running sock brand that was started in 2016.

Zeffz goal has always been to create the best socks possible by using high quality and durable modern materials. We are committed to keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and Textile technology to deliver the absolute best of the best in knitting technology available for our customers.

We use the highest quality knitting machines available to deliver better fitting, better wearing and more durable socks while always putting performance and comfort first.

Our socks are all made in Taiwan from materials we source and buy from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia to create a bespoke product that gives us total confidence in our product. ​

At the end of the day we are just obsessed about making great cycling and running socks. We use a range of colours and put details into all of our socks to make your feet happy.

We hope you like our socks



We ask you to try our products and see for yourself just how great they are.