A thin winter weight sock with amazing warmth.

" probably one of the best acessories available to improve athletic performance in colder conditions"


Thermolite is a synthetic fibre based off Polar Bear fur. Scientists discovered that Polar Bear fur is made up of thousands of tiny air pockets that create greater insulation in rugged cold conditions and from this hollow core fibre technology was born and so was Thermolite.

 Why is Thermolite good for Cyclists, Runners and Athletes in general ?

 In a quick rundown...because Thermolite is a hollow fibre it makes for a super lightweight  sock without sacrificing any warmth, in fact during our original testing season in 2109 our test riders were reporting it to be warmer and more durable than our Merino Wool socks.

Thermolite is also able to maintain warmth when wet because of its hollow fibres that are able to trap in the warmth.

Just a few extra little facts if you need to know. Thermolite dries 50% faster than cotton and according to research by Dupont 20% faster than other insulating fabrics which makes it ideal for Australian racers and athletes who do most of their racing in the winter months.